Friday, July 18, 2014

DIY: Easy Home Made Scrub (Uniform) Tutorial

I been looking for a cheaper scrubs online for my MA program. I found a couple of plain color scrubs that are on sale at Amazon. But I'd like to have one that is printed. For me, more than $5 is expensive. So, I decided to make one. It was easy.

Material that you need:
1. Make your own pattern ( use your lose t-shirt to make a pattern. Make sure you leave 1/2 " or 3/4" for seam allowance. Take a piece of paper [ mine is the drawing paper of my kids] and lay your t-shirt flat on the paper. Then trace around the perimeter of your shirt and then add the seam allowance. Make sure you make the back piece too. 
2. 1 1/2 yards of fabric ( you can use coordinating fabric for the pocket if you want).
3. Cut 9 x 8 " for pocket
4. Coordinating threads
5. pattern weights or pins
6. scissors or cutter
7. bias tape (optional)
8. sewing machine :-) obviously

Okay let's make your own scrub:

1. Lay your own pattern on the fabric, put the pattern weights to prevent the pattern fro sliding around.

2. Cut the fabric. The front piece and the back piece on fold.
3. Cut 9 x 8 " for pocket
I made mine double fabric so that it will look thicker and I did not need to serge the seams.
4. Attach the pocket to the front piece. Remember to fold all around the pocket 1/2" and sew it first. 
5. Then sew the shoulder, arms, and sides. 
6. Attach the bias tape on the neck line. I did not put bias tape on mine because I made the lining inside.
7. Sew the hem the bottom part 3/4" seam allowance and arm circle.

AND your done!


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