Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Car Seat Makeover

I have three kids. 
Two girls and a boy. 
My boy used this car seat since he was three years old. 
Then he had two sisters.
 The sisters always get the hand-me-down items :-) from his brother. But they don't like it because it is not pink or purple. So, they don't like it. 
 I bought 1 pink car seat, 1 blue for my boy, and the old grayish color ( I didn't take the picture before I added something to it, but it is similar to this first picture taken from the 
Couple months ago, my youngest daughter started to sit in her big sissy's car seat (pink). Sometimes, they fight over it and always the little ones win. Big sister always sad because she had to sit on the boyish chair. So, I promised her that I will make her a purple seat cover ( not knowing how to make it. I figured that I will tear apart the old seat cover and make a pattern out of it, but it has a lot of work. I can't do it). So, I made the flower, butterfly, and heart applique and sewed on to the existing seat cover. And patched work on the bottom. 
Now, youngest sister likes this one hahaha. Big sister do not want her have this back. Yup! Big sissy stand on her ground!

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  1. Awww! That is cute! Good job! You need to teach me to sew! :)


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