Thursday, October 25, 2012

DYI Halloween costume: Rapunzel's dress

Last year I made my kids a Halloween costumes to save some money. I think last year I spent $10 for 2 costumes. So this year I am doing it again. My daughter can now tell what color she likes for her dress and that will be here costume. Plus she pointed on the magazine that she want a Rapunzel's dress. So she got it.
 I spent $ 5.00 worth of fabric and 3 hours to make it...with a lot of interruptions along the way. I finished it this morning and I asked my daughter to try it on so that I can make adjustment if needed. Well, after trying the dress she won;t take it off anymore. So wore it the whole day and even took her to grandma to show her new dress. So also wore it to bed. I hope she takes it off tomorrow so that I can wash it. Kid is being a kid.
Anyway, for pattern I used one of the free pattern that I found online and modify it a little bit. I used more fabric for her skirt so that it looks big and more volume.  When she turns she loves it!
Now I have to continue sewing I have to more Halloween costume to finish. 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Ate Nelda, she is growing up to be such a beautiful little princess. Love the dress! :) Sali ka uli ate Nelds.. :)


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