Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY: Old Bookshelf to a Cubby Organizer

Love this new cubby organizer for my little man!
My husband admitted that my idea of turning a perfectly good bookshelf into a cubby organizer was stupid. No wonder he was frowning when I was explaining to him of what to do with the old bookshelf. Even though he was against of my idea he still did what I told him to do so. He bought some wood remnants at the local home improvement store and it cost us $1.02 to make the cubby holes. I also have left over light blue paint that matches the paint of the old bookshelf.
The new cubby organizer is just perfect under the new loft bed of my little man. Oh, before I forget the loft bed is also made by my husband. I got the plan of the loft bed from She has tons of great plans and love love her website!
                                          the old bookshelf                  to a new cubby organizer
Anyway, I love the outcome of the new cubby organizer.


  1. Nice! I think the old bookshelf is working out well as a cubby organizer :)

  2. I do too! I love how it turned out ate Nelds and it didn't even look like it was an old bookshelf. Clever! And my heavens can I borrow your husband for a little bit because I want him to build me a bed for my kids. LOL! Oh my heavens! I love it! :) Thanks for linking up ate Nelds. :) Don't forget to link up again today. :)

  3. i love it too! wow u guys did a pretty good job in this. its more organize and u can put more stuff than just the plain bookshelves.

    BPC hop!


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